Roleplaying at The Treehouse

We love roleplaying games at The Treehouse, and run regular events (normally on Thursdays). Right now, we’re finishing up our flagship campaign Solken (see below) and starting up many more exciting plans listed below. Check out the event calendar for dates, see below for more details on each game, and send any inquiries to

We also offer custom roleplaying sessions with our expert Game Masters, suitable for both complete beginners and experienced players wanting to try something new. See below for more information.

Custom Roleplaying Sessions

If you fancy giving roleplaying a try but aren't quite sure how to get started, or if you've played roleplaying games before but want to broaden your horizons, our custom roleplaying sessions could be for you!

Book a session with one of our expert Game Masters, who will run a game for you using a system and setting of your choosing, while explaining the rules as you go along as required. Check out the brochure below for more information (downloadable version here if needed).


The Scourge of Barovia

A perpetual rolling blackness of thunderclouds cast a grey pall over the land of Barovia. Will you, intrepid adventurer, take up the call to save the villagers of Barovia from the hellish nightmare that has haunted them for over a century?

Beset by all manor of ghouls and fiends, Barovia is rotten and decaying. Those who live on in perpetual fear are trapped by the evil machinations of a terrible foe. Join us as we journey through the haunted landscape, explore the monolithic castle Ravenloft and delve into its ancient catacombs to defeat true evil itself.

Do you have the nerve to stand and fight against the sinister darkness that threatens the land? Do you have the wits to survive the ancient evil that haunts you? Will you be the one to put an end to the terrible Curse of Strahd?

This is the The Scourge of Barovia, a four-part grimdark adventure set in the gothic land of Barovia. This D&D roleplaying game will begin on April 4th and end on April 25th. Players may create their own third-level characters using the Player’s Handbook and up to one other sourcebook. Premade characters are also available, and newcomers to D&D are very welcome! Tickets for The Scourge of Barovia can be bought from its event page.



Solken is a fantasy world created by The Treehouse, and the setting for our Dungeons & Dragons games. It's inspired by apocalyptic storytelling, Eastern European fairytales, and the art of Katie Ponder. Solken adventures run in six-part Seasons, every other Thursday. Sessions start at 6pm and last roughly 4 hours.

The sessions are aimed at roleplaying newcomers and D&D veterans alike, making use of our expert Dungeon Masters and great facilities. Playing through a Solken story also allows players to make their mark on a living world, one that changes and evolves over time.

Currently Solken is in its fourth Season, which is only open to existing players. For existing players the events calendar has the session dates.

I found the world of Solken to be incredibly engaging and immersive. The GMs/writers created a real connection with the characters and the universe itself. Well done and massive thanks to all involved.
— Praise for Solken Season Two