Roleplaying at The Treehouse

Treehouse Worlds

Roleplaying games present a unique opportunity in gaming - a chance to tell stories collaboratively, and build worlds with friends and strangers alike. Treehouse Worlds is a series of regular events that provide games for would-be players, turning the cafe into whatever kind of world we imagine!

We're always running new games, from our flagship project Solken (see below) to various one-offs. Check out the event calendar for dates, see below for more details, and send any inquiries to


Solken is a fantasy world created by The Treehouse, and the setting for our Dungeons & Dragons games. It's inspired by apocalyptic storytelling, Eastern European fairytales, and the art of Katie Ponder. Solken adventures run in six-part Seasons, every other Thursday. Sessions start at 6pm and last roughly 4 hours.

I found the world of Solken to be incredibly engaging and immersive. The GMs/writers created a real connection with the characters and the universe itself. Well done and massive thanks to all involved.
— Praise for Solken Season Two

The sessions are aimed at roleplaying newcomers and D&D veterans alike, making use of our expert Dungeon Masters and great facilities. Playing through a Solken story also allows players to make their mark on a living world, one that changes and evolves over time.

Currently Solken is wrapping up its second Season, and only current players will be able to join the third. In the future, we may re-run the first Season, so keep an eye out! For existing players the events calendar has the session dates.