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Roleplaying at the Treehouse

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Treehouse Worlds

Roleplaying games are a unique opportunity to tell stories together, but for those interested in getting involved it can be all too difficult to get a group started. Treehouse Worlds is a regular event that provides games for would-be players, using the cafe as a central hub to imagine all kinds of other places.

Our current Treehouse Worlds project, Solken, has now entered its second season and we are re-running Season One for newcomers. See below for details, and please send any inquiries to

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The world is broken.

When a traitorous queen tricks her way into godhood, Solken and its residents are thrown into turmoil. Cataclysmic disasters, plagues, war and death are distributed from the heavens as the gods punished the mortal races for their hubris. Now, thirty years later, new threats begin to emerge before the dust has had a chance to settle.

Deep in a wild forest, an ancient race plot to take back their home.

Underground, an alchemist leers over his experiments as the screams of his subjects echo through the caves.

Far away, a ship flees through stormy seas, escaping the remains of a sunken city.

And elsewhere, an elven child peeks out of her window as an angry mob surrounds her home and her parents barricade the door. Calling for help. Desperate for heroes.

Solken is a fantasy world created by The Treehouse, and the home of our Dungeons & Dragons. Solken adventures run in six-part Seasons, every other Thursday. Sessions start at 6pm and last roughly 4 hours.

The sessions are aimed at roleplaying newcomers and D&D veterans alike, making use of our expert Dungeon Masters and great facilities. Playing through a Solken story also allows players to make their mark on a living world, one that changes and evolves over time.

Season One Re-Run

For new players, we are re-running Season One to give more players a chance to experience this story. If you want to take part, you can buy a Season Pass from the cafe for £37.50. This guarantees you a place in the upcoming sessions:

  • Session Three: April 26th 2018
  • Session Four: May 10th 2018
  • Session Five: May 24th 2018
  • Session Six: June 7th 2018

Season Two

Season One originally ran between November 16th 2017 and February 8th 2018. Players who joined us for that Season will be invited to continue their characters' stories in Season Two, starting March 22nd 2018. These dates will be as follows:

  • Session Three: April 19th 2018
  • Session Four: May 3rd 2018
  • Session Five: May 17th 2018
  • Session Six: May 31st 2018

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