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Speed Friending

We're super-excited to announce our first ever speed friending event!

What is speed friending?

Our speed friending night will work vaguely along the lines of a traditional speed dating event, with attendees spending a short time at a table with one other person then moving on at regular intervals to meet someone new. However, in our version, there’s a two-player game on each table to help break the ice, and the event is open to everyone who’s interested in meeting new people, not just to those seeking a romantic partner.

Speed friending versus speed dating

If you are looking to meet someone romantically, you’ll have a option to tell us about this on a short form when you buy your ticket, along with your gender and the gender of the person you’d like to meet. We’ll do our best to arrange the running order to pair people with compatible preferences and provide some coloured dots you can add to your name sticker to indicate this if you wish.

How will it work?

The structure of the evening will be as follows:

6pm: Arrive, get your free drink, write yourself a name sticker, and get your own personal running order for the evening which will show which tables you’ll be playing at in which order.

6.20pm: Make your way to your first table to meet your first opponent. All the games chosen will be very simple to learn with and quick to play, and Treehouse staff will be on hand to help you get started. Have a chat and a game.

6.40pm: Half of the attendees will move to a new table to play a new game. The other half will stay where they are to play a second round of the same game against a new opponent.

6.40pm: Everyone who didn’t move to a new table last time now moves on to play something different…

… and so on, with a change-over every 20 minutes up to 8.20pm, by which time everyone should have played games against six different people. We’ll stop the regimented moves at this point, and provide some party games to help get everyone talking and mingling.

If that sounds like a fun way to spend a Friday night, please buy your ticket below :-)

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