The Treehouse Podcast for April 2019

After a trip to King’s Crossing, the team brew up a potion of excitement for Quacks of Quedlinburg, share their favourite moments in narrative gaming, and then get as evangelical as they ever have about a game that isn’t even in the game library.

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PodcastAndy Haigh
Continue Research!

When I was first getting into board gaming, there was a lot I didn’t know. Even more than that, I didn’t know there was anything to know! I was having fun playing one game, then I’d move over to another. It never really occurred to me that there was a whole world connecting all these games to one another.

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BlogAndy Haigh
Looking for Group

Even if I did have magical telekinetic board gaming powers, I wouldn’t know how to use them. Sure, I could cheat at games, cause havoc with components, and shuffle every deck of Dominion at the same time, but I wouldn’t make any friends doing it. And without friends, board gaming isn’t much fun.

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Andy Haigh